Early Childhood - Little Captains

Nursery and Reception

In the nursery, children’s learning is monitored using the Early Years Foundation Stage where teachers observe the children closely and use the information to plan activities that will challenge, engage and help each child to progress towards the next step in their development. In the reception class, children will work towards achieving the Early Learning Goal in all the 6 key areas of Learning and Development. They are expected to have achieved most of these goals by the end of the semester. The key areas are:


Key Stage 1 & 2

(Year 1 to 2 and Year 3 to 6)

Cambridge Primary, typically for 5–11 years old, gives schools a curriculum framework to develop English, Mathematics and Science skills, knowledge and understanding in younger learners. Cambridge Primary provides guidance for curriculum development and classroom teaching and learning. It enables teachers to assess children learning as they progress with the optional Cambridge Primary Checkpoint assessment.



Key Stage 3

(Year 7 to 9)

Cambridge Secondary provides seamless progression from Cambridge Primary – or can be used as a standalone curriculum – to develop learners’ skills and confidence in English, Mathematics and Science. It offers a curriculum framework for educational success for learners, typically 11-14 years old, with the optional Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint assessment. At the end of the programme, Cambridge Checkpoint assessment are available to provide detailed feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses.


Key Stage 4

(Year 10 to 11)

Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14–16 year olds, leading to globally recognized and valued Cambridge IGCSE qualification. It encourages learner-centred and enquiry-based approaches to learning. It develops learners’ skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, giving learners’ excellent preparation for the next stage in their education.

Elective Subjects

Core Subjects



(Year 1 to 2 and Year 3 to 6)

Cambridge A-Level is an internationally benchmarked qualification providing excellent preparation for university education. This pre-university programme is recognised worldwide. The examination sessions occurs twice a year, in June and November, with results released in August and January respectively.


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